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Artist: KILAS
18" x 24"
2 color silkscreened poster on classic cream cover paper

Pontianak is one of the most infamous and violent poltergeists in Malay and Indonesian culture. Malays believe that it originates from the spirit of a stillborn child of a woman who dies during pregnancy. The phrase “Pontianak” was believed to originate from the term “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language, meaning the ‘‘woman who died by childbirth’’.

Folklore depicts her as a beautiful woman, she uses her allure to attract unsuspecting male victims. Her presence can be detected by a sweet floral fragrance of the ‘kemboja’ flower (Frangipani) superseded by a rotting stench.
Malays believe that if a Pontianaks cries are soft then she is near, and if it is loud then she is far. She kills by piercing victims stomachs with her tallon like fingernails and feeds on innards and blood to survive.

A Pontianak can be killed by plunging a nail at the nape of her neck returning her to her normal form.

Pontianak is also referred to as ‘Langsuir’, ‘Sundel bolong’, and ‘Kuntilanak’ in other Asian countries.

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