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18” x 24”
6 Colour Silk Screen Print
Edition 50

*Please take note that the colors on the actual print differ slightly from both the digital image provided by the artist and the photographs shown below (due to the lighting settings during the product shoot).


 "Izanami is the creator of life and death. Together with her partner Izanagi, they created life on Earth. She gave birth to many gods and goddesses, but died during the birth of Hi-No-Kagutsuchi, the God of Fire. Her body was burned and moved to the realm of death, Yomi. Since that time she became the ruler of Yomi.

Creation and death are the two things are interrelated and complementary. Similarly, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, heaven and hell, so for me this Izanami figure is a symbol of harmony.

As a child growing up in Indonesia, mythology and mystique are a vital part of everyday life. The belief that the existence of supernatural beings from other dimensions living in harmony with human beings is generally accepted.

I was born when Japanese pop culture began to flourish in Indonesia, I’ve tried to combine these two elements (the mystical and Japanese pop culture). My version of Izanami is not living in the realm of death, but in the middle between the realm of life and death, good and evil, heaven and hell. I tried to create this middle realm. With graphic elements such as points, lines and areas I tried to form a two-dimensional paper area into the multi-dimensional space. Spaces that blends with Izanami's harmony." - Riandy Karuniawan


About Riandy
He was born in Aceh, Indonesia, and migrated to Bandung to study architecture and art. Bandung introduced Riandy to indie and underground music scene, which he often did illustrations for album covers and band merchandise.

Many of his works are surreal works that optimizes the canvas into a multidimensional field with a distinctive color. He often brings SATHAR - a man with an antenna on his forehead, bringing bong in his hand - in each of his works, which is the character he created. He usually uses the traditional media like oil on canvas, screen print art, and digital media. addition to working on music illustration, he also often follow the art exhibitions in Bandung and other areas in Indonesia.

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